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Report to the Brandywine Condominium
Board of Directors

April 17, 2012

The “Florida Community Association Journal” was founded in 1986 to provide news and vital information to managers of condominiums, home-owner associations, cooperatives and other multi-unit communities.

On March 30 of this year the Journal had its seventh annual Communities of Excellence Conference and Awards ceremony in Hollywood, Florida where they presented awards to communities that demonstrate excellence in one, often different, categories. In each category one award was presented to large communities of 400 or more units and another to small communities having less than 400 units.

Each category was judged by a select panel of independent experts chosen from among educators, consultants and professionals within each industry or category represented.

We learned in the latter part of February that our own condo association was one of three finalists being considered for an award in the category entitled "Best Website and Internet Communications" among small communities of under 400 units. There were two other small communities in the running.

It seemed to me that the ideal person to represent Brandywine at that function and to collect any awards they might want to hand out, was the person who single handedly designed, implemented and currently manages the website. That person is Roger Hervey.

Roger did attend on March 30th and came home with the first place award.

Robert E. Alger, Vice-President

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