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Computer Club History (Information from a 2007 Bugle)

Did you know the Myerlee Computer Club originated in Brandywine? In 1996 Bob Meyer, Phyllis Lydigsen, Don Young and a few other Brandywine people gathered in the Brandywine tennis clubhouse to assess the interest in such a club. Seeing some, they proceeded with monthly gatherings on an irregular program basis. About the same time Don Manchester and Lee DuBane at the Myerlee Manor were working with Al Winchell of the SWPCUG to organize a club at the Manor.

Realizing the Manor alone could not support a club itself, Don, Lee, and Bob began discussing the merits of the two groups merging with the result being in January 1998 the groups formally reorganized as the Myerlee Computer Club as a chapter of the South West Florida Personal Computer Users Group, Inc. Bylaws dated March 31, 1998 were set up with membership open to anyone in the area. Early officers were Don Manchester, Bob Alger, Leo Cooper, Phyliss Lydigsen, and Roger Rummel. Programs were provided by Al Winchell and his group.

After a couple of years the SWFPCUG affiliation was severed and the Club continued as an independent group utilizing speakers from local computer businesses and miscellaneous speaker sources. In October 2001 Mike Peterson, Computer Medics, was engaged on a regular monthly basis to conduct seminars covering computer subjects of interest to the novice and to those of more proficiency.

Since then the Club has flourished with attendance at the monthly meetings ranging from 40 to 60 members plus guests. A key component of the meetings has been the “askit basket” wherein members submit questions of their particular interest or problems. Membership fee has remained unchanged at $15 single and $25 joint (H&W) since inception.

Much appreciation goes to the Manor which, not only provides a meeting room without charge, but also serves free cookies and coffee at each meeting for the members.

Due to decreasing attendance, the November 8, 2016 meeting will be the last meeting of the Computer Club.

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