Brandywine Condominium Association


EFFECTIVE DATE: February 21, 2007


PURPOSE: Maintain visual integrity Policy:

1. Damages incurred to the exterior of the building as a result of hanging or displaying any decoration or flag bracket will be the financial responsibility of the unit owner.

2. The Association or its contractors are not responsible for damages to any outside ornamentation.

3. Violation of the following policy will result in the Association removing and disposing of any item in excess or not specifically allowed.

Christmas Decorations:

1. Christmas decorations may be displayed starting one week before Thanksgiving and must be removed no more than one week after the New Year.

2. The mailbox post and the front light post may be decorated in a respectful way.

3. Christmas lights may be placed on the front of the unit but may not be placed around the mailbox post, the front light post or in trees.

Decorative Objects on Unit Exterior Wall:

1. Decorative objects are limited to no more than two (2) and can be no larger than eighteen (18) inches in diameter.


1. Unit owners may display one portable, removable United States flag in a respectful way and in accordance with the Federal Flag Code.

2. On Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day
and Veterans Day, portable, removable flags that represent the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard may also be displayed.

3. Seasonal/decorative flags may also be displayed one week before and after the specific holiday.

4. Spirit flags (such as a school or professional team) may be displayed for a period not to exceed eight hours in a one week period.

5. Flags may be displayed on the front wall of the unit mounted with an aluminum or non-corrosive bracket and should be mounted high enough and in a location that will not interfere with ingress/egress from the unit.

6. Freestanding flagpoles are prohibited.

Lights and Reflectors:

1. No lights, reflectors or other materials are to be attached to the mailbox or light posts, trees or on the sides or entrances of the driveways.

Potted Plants:

1 . Potted plants are not allowed in planted areas in front of the unit, under trees, or around mailbox or light posts.

2. Potted plants may be placed against the unit on the sides of the garage doors (one on each side).

3 . Potted plants may be placed in the front entrance area in a location that will not interfere with ingress/egress from the unit.

4. Potted plants may also be placed on the sides or in back of the unit not to interfere with lawn maintenance.

5. Potted plants may be placed on the front porch railing using a fixture specifically designed for that purpose.

6. Artificial potted plants are not allowed.

Planting (not potted plants):

1 . It will continue to be Association practice to permit unit owners to plant the areas immediately around the mailbox posts and the front yard light posts.

2. Annual, seasonal flowers or low-to-the-ground shrubs may be planted in these beds. Artificial plants, vines and clinging plants are specifically prohibited.

3. Plants not properly maintained will be removed. Any plant that blocks the irrigation will be either trimmed or removed, without notice.

4. Brandywine model owners are responsible for any planting and maintenance within the low front walls in front of the unit.
Seasonal Decorations (other than Christmas):

1 . Holiday decorations may be placed in front of the unit on the front door or the front porch not more than one week before the holiday and must be removed no later than one week after the holiday.

2. Holiday decorations are not to be placed on or under trees, around the mailbox post or the front light posts.


1 . All unit owners are limited to two (2) outside statues.

2. Statues may be placed in front of the unit but may not be placed under trees, around or on mailbox or light posts.

3. Statues include reflecting globes, metal birds, frogs, etc.

4. Statues should not be offensive in nature and should be maintained to reflect the harmony of the neighborhood.

5. Deteriorating statues must be repaired or removed.

6. Statues are allowed behind the units not to interfere with lawn maintenance.

Tree Decorations.

1. Tree decorations of any type (wind chimes, hanging plant pots, bird feeders, etc) are not allowed.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors this 20th day of February 2007.

Association address

Brandywine Condominium Association
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Fort Myers, FL 33919

Phone: 239-481-2326
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