Brandywine Condominium Association

DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUM as adopted January 2, 2006
and amended December 2, 2008, December 7, 2009 and January 23, 2012


A. CREATION. This condominium was created by a Declaration recorded August 1, 1980, in Official Records Book 1444, at Page 595, Lee County Public Records. Submission of the land and Units, described in Exhibit "A", as attached to the original Declaration, to the condominium form of ownership and the easements to persons created by that document remain effective. The submission of the aforesaid lands to the Condominium form of ownership is hereby ratified, subject to the Act as defined in 2 A hereof. WE HEREBY CERTIFY that they were originally recorded in Official Records Book 1444 at Page 595 and subsequently amended and restated and recorded in Official Records Book 2140 at Page 0534 and subsequently amended by documents recorded in Official Records Book 2265 at Page 2523; Book 2458 at Page 0390; Book 2567 at Page 3389; Book 2667 at Page 1605; Book 2667 at Page 1607; Book 2667 at Page 1608; Book 2774 at Page 1940; Book 03793 at Page 3616; Book 04142 at Pages 4476-4479, and Book 04271 at Pages 4110-4111; and Book 04531 at Pages 1881-1886 of Lee County, Florida.

B. STATEMENT OF FACTS. The Brandywine Condominium is a two Phase condominium consisting of 93 residential buildings, 2 common area recreational buildings, and 2 other common area buildings for the purpose of maintenance, security, administration, and operation of the condominium. The total number of units in the Brandywine Condominium is 351. This Amended and Restated Declaration of Condominium is made by Brandywine Condominium Association, Inc., a Florida corporation not for profit, hereinafter the "Association". The land described in this Declaration and the improvements located thereon have already been submitted to condominium ownership and use pursuant to the Florida Condominium Act. No additional property is being submitted to condominium ownership by this Declaration. The land which was submitted to condominium ownership by the original Declaration (hereinafter the "Land") is legally described in Exhibit "A" to the original Declaration, attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein.


Association address

Brandywine Condominium Association
1398 S. Brandywine Circle
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Phone: 239-481-2326
Fax: 239-481-0744