Brandywine Condominium Association


EFFECTIVE DATE: Feb 12, 2016

Vehicle Decals - Unit owners will be provided a vehicle decal by completing the request for one at the office.

Guests will be provided a pass filled out by the unit owner as provided by the office.

Family members who wish to purchase a guest decal may do so if signed for by the unit owner.

All decals are the property of Brandywine and must be turned in prior to selling a car or unit for which the decal was issued.

All Guests are subject to being stopped at the gate to confirm they are the person on the pass or decal.

All Vendors are required to have a vendors pass as provided by the office.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors this 12th day of Feb 2016.


Association address

Brandywine Condominium Association
1398 S. Brandywine Circle
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Phone: 239-481-2326
Fax: 239-481-0744