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EFFECTIVE DATE: April 18, 2016

A Private Function - is a planned event, meeting, gathering, etc that is organized and sponsored by a unit owner in Brandywine. The function may include non unit owners outside of Brandywine.

A Private Function cannot be a "for profit" function; the unit owner cannot hold the function for income producing purposes or to earn a livelihood.

A Private Function may be held without insurance required of the unit owner if it does not contain or produce hazardous activities. The Private Function cannot produce greater risk than those produced by the normal activities of the recognized Brandywine Social Committees.

Any Function sponsored by any committee, social organization or club recognized by the Brandywine Board of Directors are exempt from insurance and cost requirements.

For any function, it is the responsibility of the unit owner to set, clean up and return the facility to the way it was. Any cost to repair damages shall be at the unit owner's expense after the work is completed by the Association.

Any impromptu social gathering of unit owners is not a private function.

If a Private Function will include the use of vendors such as caterers who provide food, they shall provide evidence of adequate insurance and licensing. No alcohol is to be served by the vendor

Any function or use of Brandywine facilities shall be coordinated with the Activities Committee and the Office. The Unit owner shall provide their name ,address, phone or email, date, time, and hours of the function, the purpose of the function, will alcohol be allowed or provided and the location of the function. The number of people anticipated and number of parking spaces needed. The unit owner will provide a $100.00 deposit. $50 dollars will be taken out for utilities and use of the facility. If the facility is clean after being inspected, the balance of the $100.00 will be returned.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors this 18th day of April 2016.


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