Brandywine Condominium Association

Activities Committee (Updated - March 2021)

General: To function as the umbrella committee in the delivery of all Brandywine social, recreational, and cultural activities.

Purpose: To foster goodwill and enjoyment for residents of the Brandywine community from social, recreational, and cultural activities throughout the year.

- President/Chair (and Co-chair optional)
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- These positions are voluntary. At the December meeting of the current year, the officers to serve in the upcoming year are identified.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- President/chair (and co-chair optional)
• Prepares meeting agenda and presides over meetings.
• Hosts functions not presented by other committees.
• Recruits volunteers for set-up and clean-up of Activities' events.
Provides input into Bugle and/or additional e-mail notices.
• Oversees update of newcomer activity booklet.
• Oversees/manages yearly calendar.
• Communicates with Community office staff.
• Approves monetary expenditures.
Provides year-end summary for the Board.

**This is not a Board of Directors position.

- Secretary

Records and maintains minutes of meetings.

- Treasurer
Maintains checkbook.
Makes deposits and disbursements.
Gives monthly report of income and expenses.
Makes payments for purchases approved by committee and/or President.

Policies and Procedures
- Open to all Brandywine Condominium Association residents.

- Directs proposed activities to a sub-committee of the Activities Committee for development.

- Chairpersons of social activities are to remit 10% of an event's net profit to the Activities Treasurer within ten (10) days after the activity has occurred. These monies are used for activity expenses at the discretion of the Activities Committee.

- Activities that meet regularly and/or frequently and consume materials and supplies shall have the cost of those activities borne by the participants, i.e., painting, jewelry making, cards, etc.

- New clubs or specialized groups may be recognized by developing a set of by-laws or organizational guidelines and submitting them to the Activities Committee.

- Yearly calendar is developed at the end of the prior year to avoid conflict of dates and duplication of activities.

- Meetings are held monthly, as needed.

- Within budgetary constraints, either provide or arrange for supplies necessary for those activities.

- Provide suggestions for new activities to be taken up and discussed.

- Meets the first Monday of the month.

Committee Members - 2021


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